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Bake it? 

Sure, we can do so much more than that!

We can also Wash itCoat itDry itCure it  or even relieve its Stress.

Whatever you produce, we'll help you process. Anything from automotive parts to water skis; from oil, air and fuel filters to railroad box cars. 
In fact, there's hardly a product on the market that isn't a candidate for our equipment: convection ovens; multi-stage washers; monorail, mesh belt and spindle conveyors; powder or liquid paint finishing systems; catalytic and thermal oxidizers and our gas-fired air-to-air heat exchangers. We've been pioneering industrial heat processing innovations for over seventy years and we're coming up with new ideas every day. Ideas that can help solve your production problems and save you money in the process


Every unit is designed with flexibility in mind, operating temperatures that range from 500 degrees F to 1300 degrees F. Each until has a recirculation and exhaust blower to ensure flexibility in your process needs. We appropriately size our burners for rapid rise in furnace temperature.

Our cars are engineered to routinely manage up to 50,000 lbs. The load is placed on high temperature brick secured to the car for no through-metal exposure.

Batch Ovens

We provide customers with the flexibility they expect from a Batch Oven with operating temperatures up to 900 degrees. We take the time necessary to engineer air flow throughout each unit to give the end user very even heat displacement. We are one of the few manufacturers that place an explosion relief/access door into our top mounted heater box for added protection in case of an explosion. From our Z-Cap construction, to our 4, 6 or 8 inch oven panel construction, every one of our Batch Ovens is manufactured to the rigid NFPA 86 Standard.

Gas/Electric Ovens Infrared 

We have been building infrared heat processing equipment since the 1930's, using many types of emitters custom design for our customer's specific production needs. We can design an oven with either ceramic, black body, quartz lamp, resistance, or natural gas fired infrared to customize the energy source with the substrate. We can also provide complete sheet processing systems for thermoforming with either shuttle or tray conveyor systems with robotic load and unload.

Carbon-Fiber and Compsite Curing Ovens

Jensen Industry has provided numerous composite curing ovens to the aerospace, military, sports equipment and automotive industries incorporating the rigid build quality standards and engineering that we have been recognized for over 70 years. The heat processing performance is unequaled using our exclusive heater unit design that eliminates heat stratification at its earliest source and provides a more efficient and safe operation for decades of service life. 

The Jensen Composite Curing Ovens are designed to meet and exceed the NADCAP AMS 2750D standard requirements of temperature variation that requires temperature variation to be not greater than 5 degrees C for all these processes, and some cases no greater than 2 degrees C. Exclusive airflow design and proper burner sizing allows for our ovens to perform beyond the standard and produce consistent product quality for the entire service life of the equipment. The ovens have been supplied with Honeywell multi-input data tracking instruments with themocouple jack panels and vacuum access for ease of on-site integration.

Multi-Stage Pretreatment Systems

We are pleased to offer economical and reliable washer solutions for the steel, aluminum, and plastic industries. 
Each unit is custom-built and engineered to meet or exceed the needs of our customers.

Conveyorized Ovens

We have been solving industries' material handling problems with effective ingenuity for over 70 years, starting with the light duty overhead monorail conveyor, which is still marketed today as our model J348. 
The product line has continually expanded since then to include all types of process conveyors.


As the industry becomes increasingly concerned with pollution control and fuel conservation, a need for clean, energy efficient equipment has emerged. We've stepped in to fill the needs with custom engineered catalytic and thermal oxidizers. 
While effectively reducing pollution output these oxidizers employ a "shell and tube" head exchanger to preheat the process exhaust air before the burner chamber. The result is reduced BTU consumption at the burner.